Fit & Flow Retreats are the perfect blend of sublime locations, delicious, healthy cuisine and an engaging mix of workouts that are as challenging as they are fun. Kim and Katie are the consummate hosts, ensuring you’re always having a good time whether working out or relaxing.  They are encouraging, friendly and help you to achieve your personal best, and have great time doing it. 

Sian (Kefalonia Retreat, 2018)

A huge thank you to both of you, I had such a wonderful time and couldn’t recommend it more!
It was such a lovely group of women, so inclusive and welcoming and we had such a laugh.
All of the workouts were great, challenging and fun and I’m definitely feeling fitter.
I can’t wait for Fit & Flow 2019!

Katie (Kefalonia Retreat, 2018)

The Fit & Flow Retreat in Kefalonia was such a beautiful experience, the entire group radiated positive vibes all round. Obviously it would not have been the same had Katie and Kim not been leading it - they made every effort to make sure everything was organised perfectly and that our personal preferences were always accommodated. The workouts were both great and varied so we were able to try out styles of training we might not normally be used to. Safe to say I am already looking forward to the next retreat!! 

KK (Kefalonia Retreat, 2018)

Katie and Kim make you feel so welcome from the second you arrive. No matter what your fitness level you are encouraged to stretch and challenge yourself in a safe and supportive environment. You never feel like you’re being deprived because of all the amazing fresh and healthy food - and Katie and Kim even join you in a cheeky cocktail or two! I’d highly recommend Fit & Flow Retreats; you will come home feeling healthier and happier, both physically and mentally.”

Taz (Kefalonia Retreat, 2018)

The Fit & Flow Retreat was an absolutely perfect mix of fitness and relaxation. Kim and Katie created a perfect program combining varied fitness classes and lots of free time for relaxation in between, as well as plenty of other optional activities to choose from. They are both clearly very knowledgeable about fitness and wellbeing, and looked after everyone throughout all the different exercises, making sure to give us options or adaptations to fit our own level, and also paid attention to the people with injuries to make sure they didn’t do any damage. The girls created a wonderful environment for the guests which meant we all had great fun as a group, but also had the space go off and do our own thing if we wanted a bit of down time. It was the first retreat I've ever been on but will definitely not be the last. I am really looking forward to hearing what Kim and Katie have planned next as I would love to join them on their next retreat.

Jeni (Kefalonia Retreat, 2018)